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Burdock Root

I was first introduced to Burdock 9 years ago through a good friend of mine. We were both 19 at the time and getting into herbalism, Rastafarianism and holistic living. Burdock, dandelion & Reishi was the blood cleansing liver supporting herbal tea I began to drink 9 years ago. This combination was inspired by Dr.Sebi alkaline herbal medicine. Essentially the body is in a constant state of chronic stress therefore not allowing the body to heal and replenish it's bodily systems. The blood needs to maintain a PH of at least 7.0 in order to do its job. When the blood is in an acidic state the body will use most of its energy to assist the blood in returning to its proper PH. Burdock is a blood cleansing an liver supporting herb from Africa & Asia. It has anti microbial, anti fungal, anti - inflamatory activities. Burdock root should be boiled twice until water is black.

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Love this post on Burdock! Thanks for sharing :)

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